Welcome to Rare Coins Limited

Welcome to the Rare Coins Limited website, we offer you a very knowledgable, professional and friendly service. We have been purchasing coins for many years, and the value of coins is currently reaching record levels.  Now really is the time to buy and sell coins.  Coins and medals are reaching excellent prices, particularly old quality and early milled coinage in gold silver and copper in very fine condition.  Pre 1947 silver coins regardless of the condition they may be in may also fetch a considerable amount.

Why invest in Rare Coins


Rare coins continues to break record after record at auction and credible online retailers.  There are a number of reasons why you should enter the market and invest in coins:

- Rare coins provide a strong, tangible, heritage asset with huge potential for investment diversity

- Rare coins are not correlated to market mainstream trends seen with traditional investment assets, therefore they are generally unaffected by market downturns and volatility

- Rare coins have been used to store wealth for many centuries, and rare items have demonstrated consistent price increases over the years


Rare Coins Limited are committed to the profitability of your investments and have spent a significant amount of time and money in collecting premium stock over the years for our discerning Members to choose from.


Tax Benefits


Rare coins are taxed at 28% whilst income generating assets are taxed at 45% in the United Kingdom.  Capital gains tax rates abroad are generally lower than income and in cases such as the Channel Islands they are nil.  If you treat each rare coin as the disposal of a personal asset then this is the most tax efficient way to realise the true value of your investments.  Please note Rare Coins Limited does not provide or purport to provide any tax advice and you should always check with your Country of Domicile to ensure you are in compliance with appropriate laws and regulations.

Quick returns are not the allure of rare coins, coin investors are in it for the long run, this market is extremely stable and fortunately does not have its ups or downs.  Rare coins are not as liquid in the traditional sense, there has to be a niche pool of investors and collectors ready to buy and sell - this prevents panic buying or selling and makes it a market that is not vulnerable.  We have access to the largest base of rare coin enthusiasts on the globe.  We have a large selection of VIP Buyers and Sellers who snap up desirable portfolios very quickly.


Rare coins are a tangible asset.  The moment you invest, you are the owner of a physical tangible item(s) that are a viable important piece of history.  Rate coins are the most valuable global commodity by weight in the world today due to increased demand from Asia and other markets. Join us today...